Party Infestation

Before the recent surge in troops designed to bring more stability to Iraq, many Americans were doubtful whether it would work. Given the frustration of the past few years in Iraq, perhaps a little incredulity was in order. Fortunately, at least in the near term, the military situation in Iraq has improved. In September. the number of civilians killed decreased by half and American troop casualties showed a steady four-month decline. These facts do not demonstrate conclusive victory in Iraq, but they do represent modest progress in the correct direction.

At the time the surge was under consideration, there was the disheartening poll from Fox News / Opinion Dynamics that, among Democrats, 51% wanted the surge to succeed (the loyal opposition), 34% did not, and 15% were not sure they wanted the plan to succeed. One could blame Fox News polling, but their poll results have compared favorably in the past in presidential election picks with other polls. The results of their polls are consistent with other major polling organizations. They are a reputable pollster. The only unique thing about Fox News polling is that they thought to ask this question, whereas other may not have.

A recent October 4, 2007 FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll confirms that this sad and angry minority still infest the Left of the Democratic party. When asked, “Do you personally think the world would be better off if the United States loses the war in Iraq?” 19% (nearly one-in-five) Democrats answered yes and 20% didn’t know. Only 62% of Democrats are completely convinced that the world would be better off the US succeeds in Iraq. Many Democrats and others may have critical questions as to the best route to victory or some measure of success, but there remains a core who want the US to lose.

It is important to remember that a majority of Democrats dearly love their country and wish for success in Iraq. Yet, there remains an ugly and significant minority that infest the party, who would like to see the US fail. Democrats would do well to isolate these radicals and distant themselves from this anti-American movement. They are responsible for cleaning up their own problems.

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